Qualities of an Insurance Consultant, Randi Glazer

The beauty of insurance consultants is they can work in almost any insurance field, including health, auto, life or property. Insurance consultants can assist clients in planning, organizing, preparing and researching their insurance policies. They may answer questions or gather information and provide quotes as well as sell policies to clients. Some aspects of being an insurance consultant are travel might be involved and working evenings or weekends to meet clients’ scheduling needs may be required.

There are some key qualities that can make a good insurance consultant and as a potential client, these may be something to look for when working with them.

Insurance consultants should have some skill in developing business, providing good customer service and possess strong computer skills. While a degree isn’t necessary for most insurance consultant jobs, some states have education requirements for licensing. It is important for a good insurance consultant to have specialized training in their field so they can help provide for their clients best interest. A key quality for a good insurance consultant is that they have the desire to continue to learn and be trained in their field.

Randi Glazer is an experienced insurance consultant and highly-trained underwriter in different areas of insurance. Her specialties include surplus lines property, admitted property, non-admitted property, property package, excess property reinsurance, reinsurance programs and automatic facilities, specialty property risks and programs, admitted and non-admitted inland marine risks and programs, E & S Property, E & S inland marine, program business, program and portfolio management, client development, start-up operations, Lloyd’s syndicates, expert witness work, insurance and reinsurance consulting. Randi Glazer has held many high-level positions throughout her career from Assistant Vice President to Underwriting Director.

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