Randi Glazer - Why Teamwork is Important in Any Business

Randi Glazer
Apr 20, 2016 · 2 min read

Many people do whatever they can to avoid working as a team. Whether it is because they had a bad experience previously, or they would just rather work alone, many people dread the word teamwork in the workplace. Randi Glazer is not one of those people. She thrives on the idea of working closely with her colleagues.

Randi knows that working with a team not only benefits her personally, but it is also great for her organization as a whole. Working with a team is great for your personal development and goes a long way toward making your work easier.

When individuals within an organization come together and work as a team, they are able to work more efficiently. With more than one team member working to solve a problem, a solution can be figured out quicker than if one person were working on the problem. With more people working on a project, the work tends to get done quicker as well, since there is more than one person sharing in the responsibility.

Working in a team has the added benefit of increasing the number of ideas generated for a project. Each individual team member brings their own set of skills and ideas to the table. It is easier for individuals to suggest creative and unique ideas to the group, helping to create the optimal solution.

Randi Glazer always makes it a point to ensure that each and every team member has their own voice heard when working together on a project, which leads to success for her team. Working as a team in the workplace provides the opportunity for more to get accomplished.

Randi Glazer

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