A Month in Memoriam: Day 18

The And Counting Collection: Vol. IX | Black & White Tank | SS15 | Photo by Carl M. for GLOSSRAGS

I couldn’t fall asleep right away. My father used to always say that I’d, “fight sleep” as a child in the car during road trips.

Sleeping on buses wasn’t much easier.

I tend to suffer from motion-sickness so it’s hard to read and write.

It was just after midnight. I pulled out my phone and these words came out:

did you hear?
did you hear about MarShawn?
did you hear he killed himself?
did you know?
did you know Jordan and Trayvon?
did you know they'da been 21 this year?
did you realize, President Obama, that black boys are dying, each and
every day?
did you?
did you?
did you see?
did you see Freddie?
did you see Freddie lying dead in his casket?
did you feel?
did you feel the weight of your blackness today?
did you feel — 
did you feel it?

then, I slept.