A Month in Memoriam: Day 21

The And Counting Collection: Vol. IX | Limited Edition Varsity Tee | Kelly Green | SS15 | Photo by Othello Banaci

It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of A Month in Memoriam.

Part social experiment, spiritual journey and personal test of will, the past few weeks have truly been a release that I am incredibly grateful for.

I’ve been able to let go some of the grief I’ve been harboring, confess my misspelling mishap, explain a bit of my creative process and share moments that I will never forget, much in part because they’re recorded here through these posts.

An usher at church told me that my shirt was “cute”.

I smiled politely yet somewhat forcibly.

Did she actually take the time to read the names?

I wondered if folks were silently judging me for wearing a t-shirt to church.

I’d ran out of women’s cut tees to wear tuck into shirts so I had to improvise.

Later, I went to a Bryson Tiller concert, still wearing the same shirt (I literally do not take ’em off y’all!), just with some chill pants.

There was no “getting cute” for the occasion, I just came as I am —

Black and proud.