A Month in Memoriam: Day 23

The And Counting Collection: Vol. IX | Limited Edition Black Liberation Colorway | SS15 | Photo by Othello Banaci for GLOSSRAGS

There is nothing accidental about stepping over an innocent man’s body as he bleeds to death in a stairwell.

That is called cowardice.

Mind you, I did not say Asian cowardice.

Like cancer, cowardice knows no race, color or creed.

Cowardice sees the good it ought to do and does not do it.

To the Asian brothers and sisters crying out against Officer Liang’s conviction, do you not see that is not about black or white or yellow or purple?

For once, the blue is held culpable.

How can you march for a man who chose to let another man die?

Who chose to neither serve nor protect?

Who chose not to administer CPR?

Who chose to say that Akai was at fault for his own death?

How dare you.

Tell me — where exactly is the injustice?

Is Liang’s conviction too much of an affront to your model minority status?

How convenient it must be to,assume the benefits of non-blackness…”

How very convenient.

You are marching for a man who is alive.

You are marching for a man who will still have life left in his body once his sentence is served.

You are marching for a man who did not do his job in the slightest.’

You are marching for the wrong reason.

When will you realize that now, the blue must bleed?