Loved this article Randi Levin
Ravi Shankar Rajan

Ravi- Thank you for your kind words and support! While I agree that being a parent is a sacrifice of sorts of time, resources, and even energy…there is a cautionary note here as well. Having children should not be the ultimate excuse to lose ourselves, or abandon our own dreams and joy. We lead every day…in business and in life. The legacy we most want to define us begins again in every moment. Our children learn about the world from how we lead ourselves…if we are giving up on ourselves, running out of time and taking the last place in line…then our children will seek the same. Living every moment for any other human depletes us. Instead, think about the possibilities of living every moment to be and show up as the very best version of who YOU are everyday so that your children can be the best version of themselves. If we show up as 100% not 50% in any relationship, then we are all in and energized and ready to give because we ourselves are fulfilled. See the shift? We need to be whole in order to give whole!

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