“Why Can’t You Tolerate My Intolerance?”

And now for a bit of a non-sequitur in the face of all this Trump talk: a fine (and by “fine,” I mean spectacularly atrocious) example of Two Minutes Hate, as brought to you by the “Activist Mommy.”

I dare you to sit through the whole thing without wanting to throw things at the screen. Or throw the screen, for you smartphone readers out there.

I don’t know who Kim Burrell is, and I don’t care. What I do know is that the “why can’t you tolerate my intolerance?” argument is a stupid, desperate attempt to legitimize hateful and discriminatory attitudes towards groups of people you think are icky, and that tolerating bigotry doesn’t obligate you to give it a platform.

Ellen’s not on some crusade to silence Christian bigots, although there’s a pretty convincing argument to be mad that the reverse is true; she just doesn’t want them on her teevee show. Our so-called “Activist Mommy” isn’t butthurt over being censored; she’s butthurt over her beliefs not having a place at the table anymore. But it’s not Ellen’s fault those beliefs are as unfashionable as that Southern-fried cunt-ry plaid top she’s wearing.

This video is nothing more than the ramblings of a hysterical, glassy-eyed zealot who is no more difficult for her doctrinaire puppet masters to reprogram than your average DVR machine. If Pat Robertson and Bryan Fischer and Joel Osteen and all those other sociopathic shitbirds were to suddenly appear on her teevee screen every day and tell her that the gays were awesome and buttsex was for more than just preserving the chastity of horny, anxious virgin girls, there’s little doubt in my mind that within a matter of days, the messaging would pierce through her julep-soaked haze, and she’d be singing Ellen’s praises at the same time that Kim Burrell was singing on Ellen’s show for having kept her fool mouth shut.

Sadly, not only is it, as Mark Twain once said, “easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled,” it’s also immensely profitable, especially when the particular brand of fooling is to scare them out of acting in their own best interest, or for the greater good. Unless that changes in some fashion (which it likely won’t in any reasonable measure of time), American religious fundamentalism — and by proxy, conservatism — will continue to function as an incubator for bigots and demagogues and the faith militant ad infinitum.

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