An interesting enough article and not overly offensive, but this bit is suspect:
Alan Carr

I don’t really feel like reading the original article but it reminded me of the recent On Point show on NPR, which I’m normally a big fan of, claiming that men hold a huge advantage when it comes to online dating. An absolutely laughable claim considering the undeniable fact that women, in fact, hold an enormous advantage.

Any woman above a six in terms of physical attraciveness can’t even keep up with all the incoming messages and has her pick of men. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort for a man to get a single response to all the messages he sends.

This is not controversial. Data from any dating app or website shows this disparity, yet somehow NPR managed to twist it all upside down based on one anecdotal story of a highly desirable man (successful and very good looking) setting up 6 dates on a single night at the same location. That feat was a massive outlier and does not describe the power balance in online dating at all.

One of the reasons he was able to accomplish it was because, judging by the pictures, while being very attractive himself, he was not particularly picky in terms of the women he was willing to see.

The premise of the show was so asinine that even a few women who called in pointed out that the power in online dating lies with physically attractive people, regardless of gender, and any attractive woman could easily set up six dates in one night as well.

But hey, when there’s an anti-men agenda to push, why bother with obvious facts?