“It’s because to be hired as an engineer at Google you have to be very good at something that…
Shingai Samudzi

I’m not gonna use fancy psycho babble to describe your lazy thinking about what I wrote. I’ll just point out that I’ve never said that good black, Latino or female engineers don’t exist. I just said that their number, in percentage terms, is very small. That is simply a fact. It’s not a fact I like, but it’s a fact nonetheless, so to expect companies like Google to magically achieve some sort of artificial quotas to reflect the percentages of these people in the general population is asinine.

I very much doubt your assertion that you have no trouble hiring top level engineering talent that is black, Latino or female. I’d love to see some names so we could all check what they’ve done.

Lastly, the assertion that a company like Google doesn’t hire such people because they don’t source them or deem them not to be a culture fit is once again totally asinine. I’m quite familiar with their hiring practices, and like I said in my original post, they bend over backwards to source and hire such people to the point of giving them second chance interviews after they fail the first time. As for culture fit, if people from Asia who speak with a heavy accent and come from a totally different culture are deemed to be a culture fit then I don’t see how female, black and Latino engineers wouldn’t be.

At the end of the day, it comes down to expertise. You either have it or you don’t. Who you happen to be born as should not matter. I’m glad we agree on the term “diversity debt” being nonsense. Perhaps we could also agree on hiring engineers (or anyone, for that matter) based on gender and ethnic idenitity to be nonsense, as well.