Embracing decay is essential to happiness.

As soon as you make something, it starts falling apart. The moment that shiny new car is fully assembled and leaves the factory it is slowly starting to decay. That phone your are using, through rubbing, tapping, shaking, heating and cooling is slowly falling apart. That lovely new building is being hit by sun, rain, children, gravity! and the moment it is completed physics is slowly bringing it down. And as soon as that happens we start dreaming of something new and perfect.

Our desire for perfection and newness creates misery and only by embracing imperfection and decay can we be released. Post Consumerism will require us to design with decay in mind. Functionally we will need to think a lot more about how the stuff we make decays and how it can be more easily fixed. Emotionally we will need to embrace imperfection and love those marks, scratches, weathering and see them for what they are, character. As we decay, as people, [get old] embracing the change will replace botox and cosmetics. Those wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived not something to be ashamed of.

Consumerism teaches us to hate decay and love all things shiny and new. Post Consumerism will teach us all life is change and we will be a lot better off and happier for it. We will still make new things, enjoy clean lines and newness, it’s just we will not worship them anymore.

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