Aao Parhao Campus Drive - SZABIST Larkana

The Aao Parhao team departed on 25th January 2015, at 10:35pm from Karachi in the Sukkur Express. The journey was spent in excitement for the campus drive at SZABIST Larkana. The team reached Rohri at around 10:15am on 26th January 2015. The team traversed the long road from Rohri for around one and a half hour or so in a rented vehicle to reach Larkana. They were welcomed warmly by SZABIST Larkan and the team members were then shown to their rooms. After having freshened up they were taken generously for lunch and tea provided by the hosts. After lunch and tea, the team started planning and working for the long job ahead of them i.e. the campus drive of SZABIST Larkana. Most of the day was spent making arrangements necessary for completing the arduous task ahead of the team. The university team collaborating with us was a great boon as they helped in making some necessary arrangements. The hosts then arranged dinner for us. The remainder of the night was allotted for resting up before the big day.

The morning of 27th January 2015 was a very hectic one as the whole team woke up early and prepared ourselves for the event. We all had a quick breakfast and then we set to work. After making some last minute arrangements the campus drive kicked off at 11:00am or so. The event started as usual with the theme song of Aao Parhao and the hosts briefed all the attendees about the campaign. Students and teachers alike, all presented their applause for the campaign. After this came the recitation of the Holy Quran and later the national anthem was played.

The respected Ms. Zahida Abro was then invited on-stage to share her story. To say that it was an amazing experience will be an understatement of the highest degree. Ms. Abro has always been self-reliant and she brought tears to our eyes when she shared her struggles to become a teacher. Her aim, form the beginning of her career was to become a teacher. She is a strong-willed person and a really amazing personality. She shed light on the importance of teaching from different perspectives and when she finally left the stage, it was to a standing ovation.

Later Mr. Mohsin Leghari was invited on-stage to give the teacher and brand ambassador awards. The students were very much enthusiastic to see their teachers receive such appreciation and welcomed all teachers with loud cheers and even louder claps. Amidst all this, we could see that the teachers themselves were overflowing with emotions of joy. It was a truly spectacular sight to behold. Mr. Mohsin Leghari then thanked the crowd for their amazing response and in-particular the teachers for having taught so dedicatedly.

Mr. Abdul Salam was then invited on to the stage where he delivered a warm thank you to the Express Media Group and team Aao Parhao for such a great initiative. Souvenirs were also given to the team as a good gesture. Thus the campus drive ended and the organizers along with the teachers proceeded towards the common room for refreshments.

After having refreshments team Aao Parhao then left for Rohri in a vehicle which was graciously arranged by SZABIST Larkana. Upon reaching Rohri the team had to face a delay in our train which was supposed to come at 6pm. We then waited at the station and had the chance to meet again with Mr. Shahzad, Chief Bureau of Sukkur. We all then went to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Having eaten and said goodbye to Mr. Shehzad, we then returned to the station to wait for the train which was delayed by 4 hours. Most of the time was spent in discussing the successfulness of the campus drive at SZABIST Larkana. We were then paid a surprise visit by Mr. Shehzad again who had brought sweets for us all and had come to bide time with us until the train arrived. We thanked him for everything he did for us. Then at 10:30pm the train, Shalimar Express, arrived. We boarded the train and bid farewell to the caring Mr. Shehzad. We spent the journey chatting away on random topics and slept for some part of it. The train arrived at Karachi Cantt. Station at 7:45am and thus the journey came to an end.