5. BODY SAY (100in100)

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dear body, I have abused you.
In expanse of ‘pursuing my passions’ and ‘hard work’ I ignored your needs until you had no choice but scream my neglect to you.

Back and shoulder pain, cellulite, lack of energy, 3 days headaches, wrist aches -I never knew this existed- and much more ways you employed to remind me that without your well-being, all the dreams I have been using you up to achieve won’t see light!!

I’ve always been terrible with balance, but this is more about priorities.

Prioritizing that without which other functions wouldn’t be fulfilled.

This is my apology, and last week I have already started making it up to you by moving more, eating better, massaging you and showing you love.

This is part of my 100 words/day in 100 days challenge.