60. Don’t act like a victim, be a winner! (100in100)

While listening to people’s stories and narrations of their regrets and life choices, I notice a huge confusion between what happened, what they wanted to happen and what they need to happen.

They dwell on and grief over the things that didn’t happen just because they didn’t happen without really evaluating whether that would have been the best for them or not.

With this much ego involved and this much dwelling on the past, we find ourselves unable to look forward, we don’t dare to ask ‘what’s next?’ and all we do is act like victims of everything the world has thrown our way.

Being a winner in life is about breaking this circle, this intuitive reaction to dwell and complain, it is to unlearn to act like a victim and instead take action and dare to ask: ‘what now? what can I do to reach my potential and bring the best out of what’s around me?’