Day 1/3: A rainbow of tenderness.

A soothing rain welcomed us.

After lunch and a nap we went down to the beach and oh boy it felt great.

I love empty beaches as I feel in possession of the wideness despite the contrast of my size next to the horizon.

A rainbow hugged me in breaking through my tired soul, my high hopes and my overthinking mind.

It was beautiful.

I also missed roadtrips, although tiring the challenge excactly lies in breaking the monotony of the road while riding on it.

We mixed Quraan listening to lit up conversations with small talk and attempts to fall asleep to the warmth of the sun.

While at the beach, alone, I tried to sing a little for it is one of my favourite activities to do at the beach.

There’s just this thing about the waves that makes everything beautiful even a voice as wrecked as mine.

I tried to sing the “somebody else” song but the only line that kept playing in my head is “I just heard you find somebody else.”

How ironic that I was singing it without the least of sorrows or worries in sight.

I’m happy, to say the least.

Also, I’m sharing the room with my sister which I was kind of resisting at the beginning but quickly embraced due to my realisation that travel was indeed a place to embrace foreigness and get out of the comfort zone and all that jazz.

She gave me a foot massage and we’re getting along.

I’m looking forward to night walks, singing by the beach, midnight writing and my sister’s swiftly growing fingers playing with the tips of my hair causing the tips of my toes to soooth in tenderness.