I Bathe In Bliss 🐬

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What I thought was permanent was nothing but a passing storm that shook me out of my stable board into the abyss of deep and unstable waters.

There I faced the dilemma of drowning down into despair, swimming to shallow seas where the hype is OR bathing in the bliss of what I consider to be joyful, vibrant and promising.

I started debating between the 3 … where am I more likely to find Home? 
In the process, I drowned a little, I suffocated, started believing that I was unfixable, unable, unrecoverable.

Then finally, on a glorious day, I chose to bathe

at my own pace,

I chose to rejoice in the power my scars could offer me and in the foreseen possibility of being beautiful again, vibrant again … but mostly that of taking the lead of me, of what I sweat for and what I sprinkle around me. ✨

I bathe
in bliss. 🐬