Why Kindle is the only place you can read Time Phantom

When I embarked on my writing journey, I knew I didn’t want to spend time knocking on doors trying to get published. I needed to become a better writer, find my voice and my audience. For me, there was no question I was going to start by self-publishing.

Listening to the common refrain: write what you know, I wrote my first book, On Making Off: Misadventures off off Broadway. It was a memoir of three exciting years in my life. The act of retelling events in a way that a reader would enjoy taught me about form, style, and pace. And in the process, I began to find my writing voice.

After two years of writing and editing, it was time to put the book into the world. I couldn’t have imagined that self-publishing would teach me so much more about my book. From designing the cover to laying out each chapter, I was forced to think about my book in a much larger way. And then there was the marketing process! Describe the book in an essay, a blurb, a tweet! It was far more challenging than I’d imagined.

I published in paperback via Createspace and through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). There was something special about holding the print copy in my hands. But the majority of my sales came from ebook purchases. And with a narrow potential audience and limited marketing, the book quickly stopped selling.

My second book, Careful: a novel, elevated my writer’s voice to new heights. This ambitious coming-of-age novel took me three years to write and edit. Only, this time, I was more prepared for the publishing challenge. My audience was defined but not too specific. I packaged and pitched it to those I believed would enjoy it. And, unlike my first book, I published Careful: a novel across all ebook platforms in addition to a print-on-demand version through Createspace.

As the reviews rolled in, it was clear that I had grown as a writer. And, as the sales rolled in, it was clear I had also improved as a publisher. But, once again, the lion’s share of my sales came from KDP. Was the special feeling of holding a print copy in my hands really worth the extra time and money? Wasn’t my goal to become a better writer and find my audience? I’m becoming a better writer, now I need to get better at finding my audience.

As I launch Time Phantom: Amsterdam, the first book in a new time travel series, people are asking me why it will only be available on Kindle. The truth is, as much as I’d love to hold that book in my hand, I’d love it more if thousands of people held the story in the minds. I am still an unknown author, one that I believe deserves more attention — yes I just wrote that about myself. But I truely believe it.

From my previous experience, Kindle readers are far more willing to take a chance on an unknown author. They’re more adventurous in their selections. More of them have taken a stab at my earlier work than any other platform. And by going exclusively with Kindle, Time Phantom: Amsterdam will be available on Kindle Unlimited, which will introduce the series to an even larger audience. Discoverability is the tool I’m sharpening this time around.

With each book I become a better writer and I learn more about the art of self-publishing, a wholly separate yet symbiotic discipline.

Time Phantom: Amsterdam will be released exclusivly on Kindle on October 11, 2016.