MAIN Coalition Statement on Dakota Access Pipeline

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Statement from Craig Stevens of the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now (MAIN)

The following is an official statement from MAIN concerning the U.S. Army Corps’ denial to grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Des Moines, IA — December 4, 2016 — Following the Obama Administration’s decision to not grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline at Lake Oahe, MAIN Coalition spokesman Craig Stevens issued the following statement:

“This purely political decision flies in the face of common sense and the rule of law. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that the President would, again, use executive fiat in an attempt to enhance his legacy among the extreme Left. That the President continues to believe that he is above the law is simply un-American and it is this arrogance that working class Americans soundly rejected on November 8. For millions of hard-working people across the heartland, January 20 cannot come soon enough.

“President Obama’s decision not to issue the final easement is a rejection of the entire regulatory and judicial system, as well as the scores of Army Corps of Engineers and civil servants who toiled for more than 800 days to ensure the process was followed correctly, in accordance with the law.

“The pipeline — at no point — crosses the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation, is collocated with a three-decades old natural gas pipeline, and has received all requisite state and federal approvals. The only remaining piece of the 1,172-mile puzzle was the final easement for a 1,000 foot portion abutting Lake Oahe. There is no reasonable logical, factual, environmental, or scientific reason for this not to be issued — in fact the Army Corps of Engineers had already recommended the approval of the easement.

“With President-elect Trump set to take office in a 47 days, we are hopeful that this is not the final word on the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now, P.O. Box 3312, Des Moines, IA 50316

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From the Mountain Top Bunker, a message from the Chairman…

To Whom It May Concern:

As Chairman of the private Infrastructure Realty Trust, I am a supporter of MAIN, and I appreciate and concur with Mr. Stevens’ official statement release, and I am saddened to see the U.S. Army Corps reverse its original decision to grant the easement. I have worked with the Corps on many infrastructure projects, and many of these projects bored under rivers, including the Missouri River. These are good people who are experts on infrastructure, natural resources and the environment, and this reversal of their earlier grant of an easement in July is shocking, and obviously political and ordered from the top. We bore under rivers all the time, and the Corps routinely approves these projects, they are perfectly safe.

First it was Keystone, now Dakota Express. Our nation’s infrastructure is being undermined by the environazis and protesters who are oblivious to the fact that they’re being funded by foreign sources, i.e. Soros. Our infrastructure, our future infrastructure, is a matter of national security, and our nation needs these and other pipelines to compensate for our current deficiency of pipeline capacity to move resources to market to lessen our dependence on foreign resources. We hope and pray that the new incoming Administration will promptly correct these mistakes as this decision is yet another example of why the American citizens voted the way they did last month.