Randy Whitehead & Company to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary Of Its First Call Center Development Project During Infrastructure Week 2017

For Immediate Release, April 3, 2017

By Kelli Thompson

Cheyenne, Wyoming, April 3, 2017, — Randy Whitehead & Company, L.L.C., a Wyoming-based private equity real estate investment and development company, announced today that it will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the development of its first telecommunications call center in May as part of Infrastructure Week 2017. Company ‘infraparties’ are planned at several of the firm’s properties in select cities around the country during the 5th annual Infrastructure Week which runs from May 15th through 19th with hundreds of other events held by numerous other infrastructure companies in various cities across America to help educate citizens about, and advocate investments in, our nation’s infrastructure.

The firm’s communications director, Kelli Thompson, recently stated that, “the first call center project was not only a 5th anniversary milestone for the young company but a significant steppingstone as its founder was steering the high-tech firm toward an unlikely marriage with his separate real estate company to focus on the nascent high-tech construction boom being fueled by the recently passed Telecommunications Act of 1996, which was the first major reorganization of U.S. telecom law in over 60 years.” “Our anniversary celebration happens to coincide with a nationwide event called Infrastructure Week 2017, so we decided to celebrate both at the same time, as we have been developing telecom and energy infrastructure related real estate for over two decades”, said Ms. Thompson.

In 1996–97, Nashville, Tennessee-based, Corrections Corporation of America, now known as Corecivic (NYSE:CXW), was developing its second privately built, and soon to be operated, correctional facility in Oklahoma under a contract with the state’s Department of Corrections, and had subcontracted its call center projects to one of Whitehead’s predecessor companies then known as Phoenix Consulting, L.L.C.

The call center was integrated into a section of the larger facility that was built on the outskirts of Cushing, a small city about 50 miles west of Tulsa. Named as the Cimarron Correctional Facility, the social infrastructure facility typically houses just under 1,700 residents at any given time. “We did a couple more of these types of facilities for CCA, but it was a limited market, or at least we hoped our country wouldn’t have a need for a lot of rehabilitative social infrastructure, so we remained focused on telecom and energy infrastructure realty development and pressed on toward acquisition of even larger projects like enterprise data centers, carrier hotels, central switching offices, and of course the fiber boom of the late ‘90’s, early ’00 s”, said the firm’s founder and president emeritus, Randy Whitehead.

The firm plans to participate in Infrastructure Week 2017 by helping spread the word about public-private partnerships, also known as PPP, or P3 in industry parlance. Ms. Thompson stated that “Infrastructure Week has historically focused attention on our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure by striving to make the public aware of the importance of essential infrastructure and we want to do our part by making the public aware that infrastructure projects aren’t necessarily the domain of government agencies financed by taxpayers, but rather that it is accepted practice in most industrialized countries for private enterprises to partner with government agencies and to finance projects with private investment capital, enabling investors to realize significant inflation and recession proof returns on their investments, while users of the infrastructure experience less cost and higher quality of ongoing asset management and maintenance.” Mr. Whitehead added that, “by using the profitable communications and energy industries as examples, we will demonstrate that all types of infrastructure can be financed and delivered to end users with greater quality and lower costs of ownership through both private and public-private ventures.” “Our first telecom call center project back in the ‘90’s was for a P3 project and, as far as I know, it is still rewarding Corecivic REIT investors, saving taxpayers’ money, and rehabilitating and educating incarcerated residents.”

Persons interested in more information about the firm’s anniversary ‘infraparties’ and its P3 projects should visit the firm’s website to sign up for forthcoming announcements. After signing up, web surfers are sent to the Infrastructure Week website for more information on this year’s agenda and meeting places around the country.

About Randy Whitehead & Company

Randy Whitehead, L.L.C. is a private equity real estate investment firm based in Wyoming that is focused on making control and non-control investments in niche commercial and infrastructure real estate assets and related assets such as mortgages, liens and other realty interests with holdings throughout North America. The company primarily acquires investment properties and engages in the limited development of new investment properties for its own account and for its owners, having phased out fee-based development for third parties over the past several years subsequent to re-domiciling to Wyoming in 2010. The firm can be reached at (307) 201–4955 or www.randywhitehead.com.

About Infrastructure Week 2017

Infrastructure Week 2017 is a national week of education and advocacy to draw attention to the importance of infrastructure to our nation’s economy, jobs, communities, and future. It is America’s largest and most diverse effort to highlight the importance of infrastructure. The 5th annual Infrastructure Week will take place during the week of May 15th through 19th with hundreds of events in Washington, D.C., and in communities across the country. More information is available at www.infrastructureweek.org, the organization’s Twitter hashtag is: #TimetoBuild.

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