Throughout 2018, the Bicycle Coalition expanded upon its role as a regional leader in road safety advocacy with a series of policy and infrastructure wins that are helping bring the Greater Philadelphia Region into the 21st Century, making the city and the surrounding suburbs more bikeable, and safer for everyone using the roads.

But unlike past years, where we advocated for our position in public and in meetings with the city and representatives, the Bicycle Coalition and our partners began taking some of the same priorities we’ve always fought for — bike lanes, better trails, education, clear streets — into…

2017 was a year of firsts for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia got its first parking-protected bike lane in West Philadelphia. The City also released its first-even Vision Zero Action Plan after years of advocacy by the Coalition.

Philadelphia’s suburbs got their first bike lanes free of the Bicycle Occupancy Permit, which had been handicapping bicycle infrastructure investment for decades. The Ben Franklin Bridge got its first official plans for a bicycle ramp on the Camden side.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in 2017 — but there is oh, so much more to…

Last year, I told you about the best new music of 2016. Well, now it’s 2017. So…

  1. Rancid — Troublemaker

It’s worth noting that this is not only the best new album of 2017, but also one of Rancid’s best albums ever, and “Blues Again” is one of their best songs. This is at least the best Rancid album since 2000’s self-titled album, although it’s hard to compare it to that album, specifically, because the styles are so different.

Rancid’s natural genre, as defined on their original self-titled album and “Let’s Go” is street punk, and every album after that…

If you Google stuff when you’re bored, you’ve probably seen several music blogs’ and magazines’ “Best of” lists. And if you’re like me, you haven’t heard, or heard of, almost all of it.

The best new music of 2016 was actually produced by some of the same musicians who were making the Best New Music of 1995 and 1998, too, and get minimal attention from cool blogs. So, I created the Actual Best New Music list of 2016 — hat tip to Dena Driscoll, who contributed to this list.

1. NOFX: First Ditch Effort

2. Descendents: Hypercaffium Spazzinate

3. Against Me!: Shapeshift With Me

4. Bouncing Souls: Simplicity

5. The Coathangers: Nosebleed Weekend

6. The Interrupters: Say It Out Loud

7. Nightbirds: Who Killed Mike Hunchback?

Bonus: Best Tours of 2016

  1. Leftover Crack/Days N Daze
  2. NOFX
  3. Svetlanas/The Queers
  4. Screeching Weasel/CJ Ramone
  5. Descendents/Fucked…

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2016was a great year for the Bicycle Coalition, and the region’s cyclists. Our organization saw the opening of new bike lanes and trails in the City of Philadelphia and the greater 9-county region, made inroads with elected officials and bureaucracies in the region, and saw many of the campaign promises we pushed for in 2015 come to fruition.

Our Cadence Youth Cycling program grew its impact, as did our Better Bike Share Partnership team, which works with the city to help expand Philadelphia’s Indego Bike Share system into neighborhoods outside of Center City Philadelphia.

Keep reading to hear about…

Community College of Philadelphia, Fall 2018

Instructor: Randy LoBasso


Class Times: TR 8am-9:30am

Office Hours: By appointment.

Writing for Mass Media textbook (available digital or via

Required Textbooks:

Stovall, James Glen. Writing for the Mass Media.

Required Materials:

Notebook specifically for this class.

Data storage device (usb drive).

Course Description

English 122 teaches students to write for various forms of mass media including newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Students will also learn about the laws, ethics and professional standards associated with writing for mass media, and how writing news translates to all forms of mass media, and other, writing. Revision and peer editing will be used throughout the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Employ the basic newswriting techniques needed to…

Community College of Philadelphia, Spring 2016

Instructor: Randy LoBasso


Class Times: TR 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Bonnell Building B1–10

Office Hours: By appointment.

You can buy this textbook new, used, or rent it.

Required Text

Judith Martin and Thomas Nakayama, Experiencing Intercultural Communication, 5th edition.

There will also be a series of handouts distributed free of charge.

Course description

English 118 explores how culture broadly defines, influences, and challenges communication, introducing theory as well as developing student competence in communicating in groups comprised of people various in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, social and economic status, sexual orientation, disability and religion. This course fulfills the American/Global Diversity requirement.

Upon completion of this course…

• Describe contemporary criteria for successful intercultural communication and the main elements…

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2015 Year in Review

Randy LoBasso

Communications at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, freelance journalist.

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