Part 1 of 7 The Counter Intuitive Hypothesis on Startups for Lazy Creative New Introvert Founders who want to Change the World, Part Time, YOLO!

So this is a short preview of my counter intuitive hypothesis for Tech Startups.

  • Startups aren’t only for the young. The older you are, the better chance of succeeding.
  • Startups maybe bootstrapped from garages but that doesn’t mean those founders were dirt poor. Raise your income first to increase your chances of success.
  • Directed Procrastination is a good habit. The more you procrastinate, the more creative you will be.
  • Laziness is a high level skill. The lazier you are, the more effective you will be as a founder.
  • Never go ALL-IN on your startup. Bet on multiple startups.
  • Ideas are not worthless and execution is not everything.
  • Co-found with acquaintances never with friends.

I will add more to that list as the articles are completed.

Part I. Who

Please Understand Me II

StrengthsFinder 2.0

Who are you? Who am I? Why the hell should you even bother listening to me? All of these can not be possible without first understanding yourself.

When you read Tech Blogs and news sites. You are left thinking Startups are for fresh college graduates. Some even dropped off school to pursue startups.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are notorious examples. But… Do you know Mark Zuckerberg went to an elite private school growing up and dropped out of Harvard? I don’t think I can even get into Harvard. I don’t even think I can afford to study at Harvard.

Bill Gates? His father was a prominent lawyer and maternal grandfather was president of National Bank. His SAT score was 1590 out of 1600. He also got into Harvard. Again, can you get into Harvard and can you afford studying at Harvard?

This is not to discredit their achievements because who the hell am I compared to them. However, unless you are part of the 1% who are Tech Rockstars who are geniuses and filthy rich, your road ahead is probably rougher and full of detours.

This is why I write this. I want to share what I learned, and also to come back to this 5 years later whether it worked our not. And you who are reading this, you are witness to this awesomeness or utter stupidity of mine.

For further reading on the subject above. Please read

I am a serial entrepreneur and doing my own startup. Its not even successful yet but I have done lots and lots of readings and I have combined them into this hypothesis which is for creative introvert types. I remember taking the StrengthFinder test around 8 years ago. I had my interests in technology which is why I took up Computer Science in college. Finding my results in the book, lead me to realize what were my strengths. I remember that learning was one of my strength and being creative. Tests like these are just tools for you to understand what is already there. They will help you realize what you prefer doing and how you like to do it. Take them as a guide if you have not asked yourself such a question before.

Some say MBTI is crap and the Big 5 personality test is more accurate. However, based on my readings, the Big 5 test doesn’t give you context or the interaction between all the traits and for me did not help me understand myself more.

This my result for the Big 5

This is an article on Big Five versus MBTI

Me? I type myself as an INTP person. INTPs are introverts. They are vision and idea oriented. They dislike routine and being focused on details. Since I know my strengths, I can seek out others to round out my weaknesses.

and lastly

I spent 12 years in Tshirt Design as a creative director for a retail company(our family business). I have sold lots and lots of Tshirts, I guarantee and can tell you figure offline. I graduated with a CS degree. I immersed myself in reading marketing books for the past years. I grew up in the mean streets of Quiapo and Divisoria. I love reading psychology and even took an introductory class in Hypnosis this year.

Why should someone like you who is reading this right now listen to someone like me presenting these heretical views? Allow me to tell you my story.

We grew up poor. But during my elementary days, while other kids wanted to be policemen, doctors, or lawyers, I already wanted to be a businessman. I upgraded this dream when I reached high school by deciding I wanted to form my own group of companies. This could possibly be the effect of growing up poor, eating at Jollibee then was reserved for very special occassions. Nowadays, its a drive through kinda thing for me when I’m stuck at traffic.

My parents were really hard workers and very persevering. We managed to start our own little business and it has grown quite a lot from when we started. But that is their story to tell. Anyways, by the time I started college, life was more comfortable. There were a lot of days I commuted and few days I had someone drive me. The days I commuted, I had to take 4 jeepney rides to go to school. I took up computer science because I was fascinated with computers and games and all that. It further electrified me when the dotcom bubble started.

Did you know that I won a Million Peso Programming Competition by Trend Micro? Yes I won that on my 4th year in college. That’s kinda amazing right? What is even more amazing was I didn’t code anything. I was the assigned designer on the team, just basic photoshop and basic html. For that stint, I brought home Php 200K. One of my first lessons learned. Be nice to everyone, so when opportunities come up, they will think of you.

But that was not the only competition I joined. I also formed my own team to compete in an Internet Business Plan Competition across different universities when I didn’t even know how to write one. We won 2nd place on that one and received Php 200K for which my share was 40K. The highlight for that was presenting in front of the Ayalas and the judges from the Management Association of the Philippines(MAP). Unfortunately, no one contacted us afterwards to invest in us and I had no idea I could really do it as inexperienced as I was. But I did start it again around 2012, roughly 10 years later.

My very first ever business venture was a company I formed with my high school friends. That was around senior year in college. We formed a corporate giveaways company to offer our services. My friend was able to contact a person at Shell through telemarketing and offered to find suppliers for what they needed. They needed the item to have a steel plate engraved with their brand on it. Since we were just doing it part time, we spent 3–4 nights to glue on these steel plates to the bag and go home around 2–3 AM. Our fingers were all crap with super glue all over them, we did not ever thought of using gloves ever.

We closed it down soon after because none of us really wanted to do it full time.

I failed in my second business venture, then failed again in the next, then succeeded in the last after 3 years of breaking even. The last one is a Seven Figure FastFood Franchise(Php) which I am a partner of. I also invested in a game app I designed and lost around 500K pesos when mobile games shifted to freemium when mine wasn’t even finished yet. I also lost some money when I invested in an egg farm which did not push through due to provincial politics.

Sorry, I know you didn’t come here to read about me, but I just had to say a little something why I am writing this.

Before you proceed, understand yourself, understand your skillset, understand what motivates you.

  • 知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆
  • It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.
  • - Sun Tzu

Btw, 1. Startup Founders aren’t only for the young.

The next article will be on the question of WHAT