6 Reasons Your Partner Says “I’m Fine” When They’re Not
Kris Gage

Kris, you’re one of my favorites. Food for thought: in 12 step circles, fine is an acronym that stands for fucked up insecure neurotic and emotional. As a counselor, it’s a word for me that signals a red flag. My experience suggests that people who say they are fine really are not (doing good). For example — you’ve just had the best sex of your life and your bf asks how it was. Do you say Fine or Good? Or, you just won the lottery and your friend says how are you feeling? Do you say fine or do you say good (or awesome).

The word “fine” tells me everything I need to know. At the very least it means “back off!” Or “don’t probe” or “no I’m not well.” of course, VMMV.