But common sense tells us that people do not plea the 5th without a good reason to believe what they say will hurt them in some way.
Well first of all, you dodged my point that the media is spamming millions of stories claiming…
Louis Weeks

Not always true. People can use the 5th to avoid incriminating others, or being dragged into a parallel line of questioning.

I will give you this Louis — yours is the most thoughtful and well-developed POV I’ve ever heard coming from the right. I respect it. And I totally concede, again, that shady things are happening. If HRC colluded with Russia, she should be tried for treason and if guilty she should die in prison. How’s that for emphatic!?

As for your first point, I ignored the hyperbole. If I told you Trump had said a bazillion lies on Twitter, my guess is you’d ignore that as well. But I will cede your point — the media is going bananas over this issue.

As far as proof with Russian collusion? I don’t have any. But I can cite this article: https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2017/7/11/15952232/donald-trump-jr-lawyer-russia-manafort-kushner-clinton-2016-election

It is one of many.

So that we don’t go too many rabbit holes, my original post pointed out that the author offered zero evidence that what he was saying is true. Rhetorically, that is unwise. I get you agree with him. But if you’re trying to make a point, it’s not the people who agree with you who matter. He did a poor job of supporting his opinions, the facts behind which are debatable, and thus it is a lukewarm piece. And I’m sorry, but his characterization of that meeting with Trump jr. is, at best, misleading. Dragged into a meeting. Only spent 5 minutes. Author sounds like he was an eye witness. I doubt he was.

I suppose we will have to wait and see about this Russia thing. From my point of view, it’s awfully convenient that the closer this investigation gets to its conclusion, the more the Trump sure is now saying Hillary was the one who colluded. That blame shifting is right out of the Trump playbook. If he ever accepts personal responsibility for anything, I’ll fall dead from a heart attack.

Please keep up the good work — I apologize for not addressing every point in your response. I’m at work and I’ll eventually have to go do things I’m actually paid for, much as I’d like to continue!

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