Equal opportunity PTSD.
gregory rush

Wonderful response Gregory. While the general public may not associate PTSD with the civilian world, I can assure you that mental health professionals like myself do. We do need a massive expansion of that diagnosis of PTSD in the DSM, because right now it doesn’t even have a specifier (e.g., mild, moderate, severe). But we know it’s a huge issue. I’d estimate that 25% of all people with SA disorders are self-medicating due to post traumatic stress. It’s also a common diagnosis with the children on my case load, some as young as 2 or 3. As for Jessica Wildfire — I kinda want to give you a hug. Because I totally get it. And it sounds like your spouse does too. Which is great.

BTW, many excellent treatments exist for PTSD, including something called EMDR. It is wonderful! And effective, too. Consider looking into it.