To President Trump, Are you Nut’s ?

I understand your plans to repeal almost all of the laws Obama passed, But this plan neuter the Clean Power Plan, and to allow more toxic pollution into the Air we breathe, is tantamount to Murder!

The only Plan you should be pushing is more Clean Renewable Energy!
That can ONLY be done with SOLAR, WIND & HYDRO ELECTRIC…
But you seem to be dead set against renewables, and it is either because is was started by Obama, Or you have heavy investments in the Petroleum Industry, so which is it ?
I think it is both, because you have, Rex W. Tillerson, Rick Perry, who are both directly connected with the Oil Industry, and Scott Pruitt, who is Pro Pollution and you put him in charge of the EPA., he values the all mighty dollar over human lives…

And for the record; Nuclear Power Plants, are not safe by any stretch of the imagination!, And there is no safe way to dispose of the spent rods…
Nor are they profitable!

Do You want to have a disaster like Chernobyl, Three Mile island, Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear disaster ! ???
I would rather live next to a Coal fired Power Plant, the live within 100 miles of a Nuclear Power Plant.

A SOLAR Power Plant with full battery storage, can see the break even point in 2 to 5 years, that matches the output of any coal or CNG Power Plant, while producing ZERO POLLUTION…
A Coal or CNG Power Plant takes a minimum of 30 years plus to even get close to a break even point, because they are having to continuously purchase FUEL.

Once a Solar Plant is built there is no fuel to purchase because the SUN light is Free! And the battery storage is good for 20 years or more.

There are over 6.5 million people dying per year just from polluted air now. Across the world… And you want to make it worse!
97% of those that have died, their deaths are directly connected to vehicle exhaust, the toxic chemicals are causing heart disease and lung cancer, as well as a myriad of other cancers and illnesses that result in early deaths!
We the people Demand that you stop trying to destroy what little good that Obama did for the USA!
I feel that the only good that Obama did, during his illegal two terms as President, was the push for Renewable Energy and the Clean Air Act, of which I thank him for…

Mr. President, you state that you want to Make America Great Again!
Well you cannot do that if your laws allow the murdering of hundreds of thousands American citizens, by allowing more pollution to be released in to the Air and Water Supplies!
So if you repeal the Clean Air Act, you should be held accountable for the people who will die because of your actions!

I wonder how you would react, if one of your close family members died, early in life, due to Polluted Air from vehicle exhaust, while you are in office as the President of the USA!
How would you feel ?
It is easy to make decisions that affect people you do not know or care about, but your resentment of Obama, while justified, is not a reason to hurt the American people who voted you into office!

If you really want to MAGA, push as hard as you can, and do as much as you can to bring Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles to the forefront and push the Internal Combustion Engine into permanent retirement, never to be seen again !!!

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