What’s up with Electric Cars?

Tesla and all, what’s behind this magical movement.

As a country, the U.S. contributes to over 27 percent of carbon emissions, in which around 80 percent is produced by automobiles. That’s a lot of pollution, but lucky for us, we are a developed country, meaning that we are able to both purchase and produce the technology needed to create and improve the argument behind electric cars. Each year people continue to overlook these technological creations of seemingly amazing efficiency and zero emissions. So why do we continue to use the petrol pumped trucks, and the gas guzzling sedans, over the money and tree saving super vehicles. Pollution is clearly a very problematic issue that we need to stop shoving into the closet. We are starting to see the affects that fossil fuels, and ourselves have on the world. The need for renewable energy and renewable energy using products is now but people don’t know it yet. We just need one group of people to make green emissions a trend, and who better to do that than a power controlling, largely looked up to country like the United States.

Whenever I bring up the idea of renewable energy and electric cars one topic almost always pops up, that being cost. Electric cars do end up being more expensive than most normal cars, and not just by a little bit. It takes money to fund genius technology. The thing that people don’t usually think about though, is the amount of money saved overall, not having to pay for gas, on average electric cars save you up to about 300 dollars per month. Even better you can gain up to about 7,000 dollars in tax incentives, just for owning one. This already sounds great. Aside from simply saving money, long term, if you are living in a densely populated city and everyone is driving electric cars, you will not only save money but. also people’s lives by reducing the amount of pollution related medical issues. So keeping in mind the idea that the industry is rather new, so it is not as easy to reproduce the new technology and cars, and the idea that it saves lives, money, and trees. Have you changed your mind?

“Electric cars are boring” is another common thing I hear with this topic, “they are all slow and drab” and “they can’t compete with the all american fun of super loud, super fast gas filled engines”. As surprising as it sounds though the fastest electric car, the Tesla model S P90D can go up to an amazing speed of 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Wow. The Lamborghini Aventador LP750, the Nissan GT-R, and the insane McLaren P1, all cars solely known for their insane speed, are just barely faster than the Tesla model S. An amazing 1.1 Gs of force are created initially when launching the car, that is more force than created when free falling. All of this is due to amazing technology that allows electric cars to use every pound of torque the car has, at any time. Revving engines and gear shifting are both myths to electric cars, there is simply no need for it. Like turning on a computer, one second it’s off, and the next it’s ready to go. And because of the batteries being on the very bottom of the car it has a very low center of gravity, making the handling extremely easy and a lot more safe. Along with the great speed, all Tesla’s come standard with high quality leather and a seventeen inch touch sensitive center console that can control everything on and in the car. The newest Tesla’s even come with an autopilot control allowing the car to moderate speed, drive on its own within a lane, and make lane changes for you with just the flick of the blinker, “that’s pretty badass even for an electric car.”

There is no doubt that electric engines are overall considerably better for our environment and health,but there is a point in which everything has its flaws. It’s a problem that can be fixed over time, with patients (something that the U.S. knows not of). It occurs in all electric cars. The problem is the production of energy. Energy that is used to make the car, and power everything in it, is created mostly by burning coal. “Coal plants are the nation’s top source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,” this statement made by The Union of Concerned Scientists means to say that on average a singular coal plant will continue to produce about 3.5 million tons of carbon based emissions in a year. The reasons we continue to use fossil fuels (continuing to destroy our government) are as follows: it’s easy to obtain, it’s cheap to use, and it creates a great amount of energy. Per usual, there is a way to fix this issue, it occurs everywhere, it makes us feel good, it gives us energy, it’s sunlight. One of the greatest things about this specific renewable energy is that as long as you have the ability to obtain it, sunlight is 100 percent free. What an amazing idea the most abundant source of energy is free. What else can you ask for.

Atlantic’s journalist, Todd Woody, writes, “The impact is considerable. Transportation accounts for nearly 40 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, with two-thirds of those carbon emissions from passenger cars… a result California still has some of the United States’ worst air pollution,”. The idea of this being that if everyone owned an electric powered vehicle by the year 2025, we, as a country, would save over 8.3 billion dollars from eliminating health risks, and hospital visits. Overall this way of living would end large health problems, it would stop around 38,000 asthma attacks, 880 premature deaths, and over 600 heart attacks. All of these terrible things would be caused by air pollution.

All of these benefits end up tying the overall personal health, money savings, and better air control deal into one piece. Killing three birds with one stone. So if we don’t change the way we live our lives in this sense we may not last long. Tons of money can be saved just by going electric, and lots of lives can be saved by going electric, so “let’s get cookin’”. It might seem like a big deal right now but in the end there is really a very small risk compared to the reward. Honestly, I won’t miss the loud rumbling sound pollution coming off of our CO2 emitting heaps of metal. It’s time people start to think about the big picture, the issues we are facing today trump (excuse my language) over the small benefits we get from using fossil fuels. With the way that we are treating ourselves and the planet we only have so long before earth is inhabitable, about 3.8 billion years, which might seem like a long time but if you look at the big picture it is only but a small chunk of earth’s history. If we don’t do something now things will be truly terrible for our children, our children’s children, etc. It’s too late to take back the horrible things we have done to our world, so we have to do what we can to try to fix it, and let the earth fix itself.

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