I Got Energy…

I write because I feel. I feel because I am totally convoluted in life and have no earthly idea what I’m doing here (metaphorically speaking). I know why I’m here. I exist to write of course. And the cycle comes back full circle.

I lied. I have no clue what my purpose is. I could go on some esoteric tangent about how humans are just a small piece to the universe, and why each and every one of us plays an integral part of sustaining the energy flow. Or, I can just be as clueless as the next. I believe regardless of faith or religion, there is a higher being. And while this most high is not depicted by a European artist’s gay lover, the concept of a God still holds true to me. My understanding of God is that he/she/it is omnipresent. So if God is everywhere, doesn't that mean God is in ME?

I think people forget this small, yet significant fact. “Created in his image” could not be more accurate. What if our purpose was simply to exist? What if everything we did in life was a step towards another realm, and God was just preparing us? SO many questions, not enough herbal contraband.

I have this theory that we are energy sources. Literally we are the origin of humanity and the universe at the same damn time. Here’s a little bio lesson for the back story:


If you took the time out to click on the link instead of staring at the pretty picture, you would have learned something new. Or perhaps you would have been refreshed from your high school anatomy class. Unless you were raised in Florida Public School System like myself, then you are obviously fucked. Anywho, the article breaks down how brain cells communicate. There is a small space between two cells called the synapse where nuerotransmitters are transfered. This action is often refered to “cells firing”. Which goes back to my original theory: We are literally energy sources.

Our brain communicates with the rest of our body by sparks. If you look at brain activity, its like gazing into the inner workings of some kind of alien circuit system. HOW CAN THERE NOT BE A GOD?

So, if we are literally energy sources (and basic law of physics states energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred), then why is it so hard to comprehend our purpose? We are basically orbs of energy being transferred from vessel to vessel, through dimensions and realms, and even time. Makes complete sense if you ask me.

I understand; there’s not enough herbal contraband to comprehend my football field sized reach. What if our souls were extensions of God, where although we are individuals, we are all somehow interconnected into a vast grid of energy that kept regenerating infinitely. If we all “vibrated higher”, could we reach a level of understanding not yet achieved my mankind? If all the sapio-sexuals of the world convened and put their deep poetry to good use, would we still be shooting and killing each other? Will Kanye make another College Dropout?

So many questions, so few answers. I suppose I have to look within and focus my energy.

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