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Rania Dalloul , born on 18th January 1973 in Lebanon. Childhood and youth spent in Europe, now a permanent resident of Beirut, Lebanon.

When Rania was just two years old her family fled from the Middle East war to Europe.

She was bound to join the family business, so Rania went to the Panthéon-Assas University in Paris, where in 1991 she received her first bachelor degree magna cum laude in Economics and, later, a DEUG degree in Law. With a legal career in mind Rania joined the Sorbonne University from which she graduated in 1995 with a degree in International Law.

The first time that Rania tried herself in law was in 1996 when she did her internship at the Dupré Law Office in Paris assisting to the President Jacques Chirac’s Advisor.

In 1998 Rania came to the family business as a Legal Advisor at the Dalfa Group, founded in 1983 by her Father, Fakhri Dalloul, To date the Company has a solid presence on the global real estate market, with its offices in the US, Europe, Lebanon, UAE and Nigeria. The company is operates, develops, leases and manages high-end properties worldwide. Since 2011 the Company has entered another sector by doing franchising business with a number of restaurant chains such as Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone, Hardee’s, Moti Roti, Sahtein, Gustronomy and Auntie Anne’s. It also has a fleet of yachts for chartered cruises.

Rania’s contribution to the family business success is highly appreciated by her brothers Marwan and Ziad who to date run the Company. Her profound knowledge of law and negotiating skills made it possible for the Company to close some of the major deals such as the Bush Building construction and renovation and the Bush Tower sale projects.

Like her mother, Maha Kaddoura who devoted her life to charity and social work being an owner of the Kaddoura Family Foundation (Kaddoura Association for Philanthropy helps mentally and physically impaired children and extends aid to an elderly nursing home) Rania Dalloul cannot turn a blind eye on the needy people’s lives. Over the decades she has been donating large sums and helping in other ways to various institutions in India, Cambodia and the Middle East. Having seven children of her own Rania adopted 18 orphans from India.

Rania is a steadfast fighter for the human rights, women’s in particular. She was one of the 2.5 Millions who came out on the Women’s March to protest against President Trump’s policy towards women’s rights.

Rania is very serious about sports and fitness. She is an accomplished triathlon athlete who, through daily exercises and persistence achieved the level allowing her to participate in competitions and cross country races.

She also practices Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga followed by meditations which allow her to balance her inner being and better channel her energy.

Another interest of Rania’s is Mediterranean cuisine. She loves it when her big family is gathered over a dinner prepared by her.

Recently, the cooking marvels of Rania’s became available to the readers of her newly published cook book.

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