#Facebook fails. By shutting down http://parse.com (Mbaas) Facebook failed with its promise given when it acquires parse in 2013. It stated Parse(Mbaas) will be the solution for all mobile developers backend pains forever :)

So far with Parse, Mobile developers like me have spent extensive time to expertise your Android, iOS and Xamarin API's and so leisurely developed those quick prototypes without worrying about backend table creation and configuration.

Now the back pain slowly start for all developers/companies who have their app running with Parse service so far.

Though Parse solution going to be open sourced, it's not so easy to built Parse like cloud infrastructure and keep it uninterrupted running.

My question to Facebook and to other big companies, if you not able to embrace Parse like startup ideas why to acquire them and demolish?

OK, Whatever it's time for me grab a cup of coffee and read your open source Parse solution to port it to my local Node server now.

Oh! Man I never noticed the chair am sitting causing all my back problem :)