GoogleIO2016 Keynote:

Sundar started his talk pointing some of the Google’s best about the machine learning and natural language processing.

Google Home:
Google extended its ubiquitous computing (single form factor) to next level. This time its in home by getting things done through voice command. "Google Home" this hardware reminds me Amazon Echo but this comes with Googles deep learning capability that is some thing special. Check out
Am wondering if its just going to be the next "Brillo" and "weave" that they announced in last IO but still available only in webpages and videos :) or else they really gonna bring it to market ?

App for Chatting:
Google need to think different to get back its users from its rival Facebook chat app "WhatsApp". 
So here comes ALLO and DUO. ALLO has some special expressions with builtin Google assistant and more importantly Incognito mode for private chat(Need of the hour) :P
Its takes chatting to a different level with tons of options without going out of the application. And its a typical Google app, So the more you use the smarter it comes. 
ALLO combines with the Video calling app DUO which uses WebRTC and QUIC for the seamless Video experience.
Wait what about Hangout? (I think its going to be the next Orkut)

Whats in Android N:
Now you can name the Android next version "N" (I named it has "Nungu")
Performance - Vulkan API for graphics and rendering and Androidruntime JIT Compiler for fast installation, reduce compile code
Security - file based encryption, media framework hardening , seamless update.
Productivity - Clear all button to clear all recent apps, multi tasking, multi window - split view , picture on picture view - Notifications, direct replay - Emoji new unicode9 standard , Java8 Lamda support and lot more.. Need to check

VR in Android:
Cardboard is nice to play and now comes something important in Android VR segment is "Daydream".
To support daydream - VR mode in Android N , VR system UI - Daydream ready spec phones. New headset with controllers , Daydream supporting apps.

Android Wear:
Here comes by favorite topic Android wear, version 2.0 available.
New watch faces - Keyboard with gesture to replay - streaming music without mobile - Standalone Apps without mobile. That’s Awesome.

Something about Syria and refugees why?.. ?? Ok Google to help all in whatever way it can.

Mobile WebPage:
progressive web app - Accelerated mobile pages.

Android Studio:
Ya, now we are adopted to it. Version 2.2 is available in stable channel , with that Speed 10x faster to run and 3x faster emulator, Faster builds.
Test recording with expresso and automation script generated. Wow, now with just a click my automation script are ready. 
Ok, new layout "Constraints layout" I know from where we got this and am not fan of it. Its really tricky and bit tough to design in iOS.
Smart - Apk analyzer , layout analyzer and code analysis
intellj 2016, Jack Java 8 for lambda, enhanced C++ gradle support

Firebase (Baas)
Firebase - analytics both for iOS and Android free and unlimited, cloud messaging, notification. Crash reporting, remote config, dynamic links, Firebase + Google cloud,
Its free, free, free.. (But we will take your data some how he he)

Access App without Installing:
Wow sounds great, "Android instant apps" use app without installing it, design app careful with more modularization to make this happen. Time to modularize your app. Once this API is available it will be backward compatible just like any support library.

Machine Learning:
TensorFlow , could machine learning, computer vision API, Tensor processing unit.
Alpha GO and it’s complexity achieved through AI, deep learning for eye scans and robotics decisions.