How to Quickly Add Attorney-Specific Schema to Your Website

Google has made significant strides with machine learning and artificial intelligence[1] in recent years.

Despite those advancements, search spiders still need assistance understanding the relationships among different pieces of content.

The project[2] is one of those initiatives that help search engines understand the relevance of content to their users.

What is attorney schema?

Schema is machine understandable language. It is HTML markup that can be added to existing content and HTML so that software can understand what pieces of content are.

For example a machine knows that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a number and a string of text.

Advanced software may know that it is an address of a physical location. Schema would help software understand that this is a very important address for the President of the United States.

Attorney-specific schema[3] is markup language that identifies organizations and people as attorneys to search engines.

Adding Schema to Your Lawyer Website

While it is not the most advanced language in the computer world, schema markup is still HTML and you have to know how to write it and where to put it if you want it on your website.

Fortunately there are tons of cool tools out there that will help you generate schema markup on your website easily.

Wordpress Plugins

If you are using Wordpress for your attorney website, you’re in luck. Schema Creator[4] is a plugin that lets you add schema markup to the content on your pages.

Simply install the plugin and go through the configuration settings in your Wordpress admin panel. Attorneys can markup reviews, name, phone and address information all in an easy-to-use interface.

Schema Generators

If you’re a little more comfortable about copying and pasting code into your CMS or website there are a lot of good schema generators on the internet. Schema Creator[5] is a good tool to use and there is also the in-depth article schema generator at SEO Chat[6].

Schema generators enable lawyers to type in the content they want to wrap in schema markup, click a button and then copy and paste the code into their website.

Content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, or free website builders work well with this. They often provide areas where you can paste code right into a box and publish it to the web.

Adding Schema Manually

Putting schema markup on your site manually is the most advanced but still doable for lawyers who are inclined. Instructions for what type of schema to use can be found at[7] and attorney specific schema[8] can also be found there.

Note that you will need at least a basic knowledge of HTML to be able to modify code on your website.

Adding schema markup to your website is a great way to help search engines understand your content. It helps them display things on search results pages, in maps applications and other third party applications.

Fortunately web technologies have advanced to the point where it is extremely easy for lawyers to add schema markup to their site without any knowledge of programming.









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