A good reminder — It’s the Trump supporters we should be concerned with

This WaPo article on why Trump is insulated from criticism turning into action against him is a good reminder that in this world the scary thing isn’t Donald Trump. He’s but one man with a cadre of subservient power-hungry minions.

The people who support him, though, they represent a clear threat to our Republic, too good Government, and good sense. I doubt there is much we can do to bring them into the fold of anti-Trump sentiment. They are true believers and I’m reminded of Trump’s own words on the subject of voter loyalty, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.”

It is… like… incredible. And it’s true. The fervent belief in Donald Trump as their messiah, here to bring guide them to the promised land of ‘winning’ and ‘great’ and other equally relatable hyperbole, is unquestionable. As in, it may not be questioned.

How do we deal with this following? This religious, cult-like worship of royalty? They are on board with comments like, “You want to question the timing of when he hires, when he fires — it’s inappropriate.”

He’s the King, his decisions are manifestly correct. Even when he’s wrong, he was right (it was someone else’s fault, he was misinformed, etc).

While I think Reason has a good chance of reaching the Independents and many Republicans who have spoken out against Trump I’m more concerned about the True Believers.

Forgive this comparison but I’m not a well-versed historian: When you consider the rise of the National Socialist Workers’ Party in Germany 1930s you can’t help but see parallels in the populist message of Trump’s America.

A decline of a country from greatness, bad deals with foreigners, a loss of pride, the not-so-subtle racism, the economic promises, and a person that demanded strong personal loyalty.

All we need is a few disasters and perhaps a riot to serve as a pretense for the usurpation of powers.

That’s pretty scary.

Luckily, we seem far from that but — how far? How far are we away from the Trump American, who continue to view themselves as underdogs in a fight against the “Mainstream Media” and the “Liberal Elite” (not that they are doing a great job of educating the public on the goings-on of the world), stepping up to defend Trump, with whatever force they deem as necessary?

In other words, what would it take for Trump to seize the powers of a Dictator? What has to happen? Because it seems like he already has a base of supporters who will follow him regardless of who he chooses to exterminate.

I’m genuinely curious.