Did the Republican Party lie for 7 years?

The short answer is yes.

And yes, it matters.

Their promise was actually made back when the ACA (Affordable Care Act; “Obamacare”). Mitch McConnell was so glad to say “repeal” in 2010. Paul Ryan echoed that along with the rest of the Republican Party in 2012:

Congressional Republicans are committed to its repeal; and a Republican President, on the first day in office, will use his legitimate waiver authority under that law to halt its progress and then will sign its repeal. Then the American people,through the free market, can advance affordable and responsible healthcare reform that meets the needs and concerns of patients and providers.” — 2012 GOP Platform

But did they ever have a plan?

Their efforts thus far (and they still have time) seem to indicate that in 7 years of promising the American people that they would repeal Obamacare and give us better healthcare — they didn’t actually come up with a realistic plan to do that.

They were either lying to us about having a plan or making sure they could implement that promise. A lie they repeated over and over.

Let’s be clear. No one Republican tanked the repeal effort. If they had a real plan then immediately, January 24, they would have introduced that legislation.

The truth has been anything but that… they have tried and failed to get agreement within the party — they are making compromises based on the promise they’ll screw over the other side of the party in the final legislation.

This organization was willing to overlook the very real internal differences on how to proceed, pretend they didn’t exist, ignore them, and make promises with reckless abandon just to win elections.

Any Republican politician who promised the American people that the party would repeal Obamacare is now shown to be a self-serving, lying punk — they should have known better. They were either so incompetent that they didn’t come up with a realistic plan or they knew it’d be impossible and they lied anyway.

Kentucky should fire Mitch McConnell for making such false promises.

I’m not expecting politicians to be perfect, to have a Saintly level of honesty but… this wasn’t just an idle remark, this was a relentless campaign. It was the promise of the Republican party. This was an official part of their platform. This was agreed upon by the party at all levels. The guilt is deep and spread around.

I may not be a fan of either party but I have a particular scorn for self-serving liars. How can you make progress when you’re willing to lie so completely? Solving problems requires honest assessment.

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