I’d fucked it up.
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elizabeth tobey

I’d fucked it up.

Nope. Why does even mentioning differences have to be taboo? You’re not allowed to make jokes that could be, by ill-informed or malicious people, considered implying a better or worse situation?

Maybe this is a flaw within myself but I have joked with my teammates in that manner knowing that beneath it was a great deal of respect. A trust.

There’s a difference between recognizing a reality and judging it. The reality is women aren’t as involved in the Tech workforce as we would all like; the same could be said of Nursing (at least in a past era) in the reverse. So it *is* notable, but acknowledging the obvious isn’t the same thing as degrading it.

I think the bigger fuck-up is hiring people who you can’t trust to take a glib remark and embrace the newly hired employees as equals regardless of their gender.

Sexism is out there but do we really need such a big filter or can we build up the trust for gentle ribbing and fun?

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