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Not your job to police what women wear but it is your job to police where men look…

And I think that sums up your hypocrisy.

You equate looking at someone with harassment. You can’t know whether a man is looking at you because he views you as a sexual object or if he thinks your his friend, sister, cousin, bandmate, or long-lost niece.

You call it “ogling” but can you really know what someone else is thinking?!

You admit you can’t when you say it’s not your job to “police the ways people empower themselves.” You’re referring to how you dress.

So it’s wrong to police the way how people dress even though some people aren’t dressing up for empowerment, they are dressing a certain way to please someone else (not for any personal empowerment) but it is okay to police the way people look at you…. again, without knowing why.

Ms. Matti, you are a dangerous person. So willing to condemn the act of looking — you perpetuate the myth that all men are evil not for the truly heinous crimes of rape or physical abuse but for having desires.

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