Papa Trump, not the ‘Intel Community’ ended Flynn

Reading this nonsensical article about the Intelligence Community gunning for Flynn because he had been critical of them is ridiculous. Even if General Flynn was suspected of violating the law in his communications with the Russian Ambassador, President Trump could have stopped any investigation and pardoned him. ‘My National Security Advisor was acting on my behalf in the National Security interests of the United States, end of discussion.’

This is silly. Further, if anyone should have known that communications with foreign diplomats are monitored it should have been General Flynn, former intelligence officer at Joint Special Operations Command and Director of Defense Intelligence Agency!

Flynn was already in office, this leak of information did not end his career. President Trump did. Trump could have easily protected National Security Advisor Flynn from the accusations that he did anything unacceptable.

Am I missing something here?

Now lying to the Vice President — if that actually happened — might have been enough to make the Vice President demand Flynn leave. In which case, as is often the case, it’s the lie not the act that did Flynn in.

Can we get a new scandal already?