Scary Feminism is About Power Plays not Equality

Medium recommended a random looking story to me which click-baited me in nicely, “Fuck this White Dude Game Theory” by @IjeomaOluo. Now I don’t have context here, I presume she’s responding to something. But I was trying to imagine the response if I ever wrote a post titled “Fuck this Black Chick….”

Her tag line, at the top of every page, ends with, “Inclusive feminism here.”

Really? How inclusive are you talking? Is it everyone? Is it the sort of feminism that values everyone?

Luckily another post of hers seems to have the answer, “When A Woman Deletes a Mans Comment Online.”

And while I agree with the rational of her post and actions (you can’t and shouldn’t respond to hate-bait) there’s a line right at the end of her posting that is highlighted:

It is 2017, and whether or not a black woman has a right to decline conversation from a white man is not something that should be up for debate. So I won’t.

Her entire post was about not wasting time on fighting the gnats of the Internet. The annoying, wedded-to-their-ideas of bigotry and hate people who will gladly expend a great deal of your energy with no intention of ever listening (really, they are gnats).

It’s a justified missive on why she should not only ignore and delete those messages because it makes her feel better but because it helps her focus on the bigger fights against harmful attitudes. Brilliantly justifying her actions and clarifying them and then that last line…

So only white dudes are the problem? She mentions out-of-touch “Midwestern women” in the middle of the post but in context of her ending:

And also, fuck those dudes. […] a black woman has a right to decline conversation from a white man


You know why this is sad right?

She’s fighting under the banner of inclusive feminism — just as long as straight white dudes stay the fuck out of the conversation.

That is the real point of her post.

Sure, it’s okay if she never wants to have a free and open debate with some random white guy. That’s her prerogative but just imagine reading her post with “white man” replaced with “black woman” —her post would literally sound like the words those oppressors use. For how long did white men say they didn’t have to listen to black people or listen to women? And especially black women? How long?

And Ijeoma Oluo doesn’t propose replacing the oppressive actions of white men with equality, she’s proposing replacing it with her own form of oppression — where she doesn’t have to listen to the words of someone because of their gender and race — male and white.

And you know what, who can blame her for all that hate? There’s surely not a lack of reasons for it… but what reasonable people are going to want to stand with your cause when you have so much hate in your heart for a certain racial and gender group?

I hope Ijeoma Oluo finds peace and hope and love and forgiveness. Truly. Her hate betrays her.

She thinks it’s all about race, she paints all white people with the brush of those in power, those exploiting race and divisiveness. She becomes their tool, she does the hate-mongers the favor of continuing racial discussions not to facilitate a discussion about inequity and a path to equality but to confirm her own superiority.

She is above self-examination while missing the basics of the struggle for equality that haunt so many. She has every right to speak of her own experience, her own struggles and her unique perspective is valuable but she condescends all others. She justifies this by saying those groups are already represented, they already have forums and advocates.

But the struggle is common! Dr. King understood this, the fight against oppression is complex because it does go beyond just skin color, beyond nationality, beyond gender and to the very fundamentals of power and control, to the privilege of money, family and the inertia of both.

If she truly wanted equality she’d be pointing out the similarities in inequality that all poor, marginalized, uneducated, and systemically oppressed people face to rally more to her cause. Instead, for her, in post after post she keeps her analysis skin deep.

The more I read the more sad I become. She is the worst representative for her movement. She’s a racist. For her, all white people are wrong and bad people unless they agree with what she’s saying. Sound familiar?

It’s sad that her valid complaints, her strong and compelling arguments against systemic oppression will be obscured by her hateful rhetoric. She’s preaching to the choir.

I wish I knew what to do at this moment. How do you tell someone they’ve become the very thing they are fighting against?

Well… I guess you don’t. You merely pray.

Because what’s the end-game? What is her vision for the future? What does she want people to rally around?

Because it looks like her vision is not equality, no, it’s to make sure Her groups are the oppressors of cis white men.

How do we move forward a hopeful vision when you are perpetuating the hate?

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