Trying to being taller than the US Bank Building (credit)

The Wilshire Grand is not the tallest building in Los Angeles

You’re spire doesn’t count. I don’t care what anyone says. If you need a damned safety harness to get to the tallest part of your building, it’s not apart of the building.

The top floor of the US Bank Tower is 968 ft, the roof of the Wilshire Grand is 934 ft. In the dick measuring contest that is The Tallest Building your strap-on doesn’t count.

And when you look at the Wilshire Grand the spire does really look like it was just strapped to the side of the building just to get this honor.

The spire is undoubtedly cool and deserves accolades but I don’t give a fuck about the Council on Tall Buildings definition. Spires, if they should count at all, should only count if they are of significant proportion of the building footprint or accessible without special gear.

Seriously, why couldn’t I build a 10-story tall building with a 3000-foot tall spire? Then I’d have the tallest building in the world! If I were a millionaire I would do it, just to screw with people because it’s so dumb.

And no I don’t think “height to the highest occupiable floor” is accurate either.

You can stand on the helipad at 1,018ft on the US Bank Tower. No wires, no nothing. Most people can’t get access but it can be done. The helipad of Wilshire Grand, 925ft. Over 100ft shorter.

That’s 100ft of fluff, just metal they added so they could get the headlines.

Lame. I do not respect or acknowledge this claim and reporters making it are information spewing idiot dunces for failing to caveat the fact that the building, without spire, is 100ft shorter than the US Bank Tower.