This WaPo article on Pentagon wasteful spending will be buried by Trump-Tweets and lack of Congressional support but it points to the struggle with the Military Industrial Complex that plagues us.

What I think this story lacks is the actual counterpoint. The military bureaucracy has so many ridiculously “expensive” requirements because of everything from Congressional requirements to protect jobs in their home districts to unique requirements of the environments they work in (when you need equipment that can work sub-zero and above 120 degrees).

I don’t doubt the waste but I feel for the military pencil-pushers trying to manage a broken system where the Business-Interests are pushing Congress to spend that money but they have to disguise it as “legitimate.” Then Military Logistics is left juggling all those requirements. The “political tax” of actually accomplishing the missions.

There are lots of approaches to trying to fix this problem but the only hope seems to be transparency — which seems unlikely in this day-in-age.

The article reads like a military cover-up. And in a way it is… but they aren’t covering up the waste. They’re covering up the political bullshit that comes with military, political and business interests being so closely intertwined.

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