My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

What strikes me about your well-thought out response is how much there is to truly dislike about the Democratic party. To me it feels like the uninformed kids at school who are too arrogant to realize the difference between ideals and realities.

Ms. Clinton strikes me as even worse than that, though, pragmatic to a fault. Recognizing realities and letting them dictate her values.

Mr. Sanders, who I can’t imagine ever seriously voting for, at least appears to have consistent strong values.

The Democratic party doesn’t seem to be the grand compromise of coalitions you describe but a hodgepodge of coalitions to be bought-off with the promise of friendly legislation.

There don’t appear to be any common values that I can find. I would be ashamed to call myself Democrat or Republican because the parties through fundraising efforts and politicking efforts seem so corrupt and self-serving.

If anything, your claim that Mr. Sanders doesn’t care about the Democratic Party as it exists now makes him a far more appealing candidate.