Will You Say Yes to the Grand Adventure of Life?
Zackery Kendall

You’ve put into words exactly how I feel. It is said that our soul chooses its incarnation on Earth, we choose the story that we want to experience in a human body for a short while (ups and downs included). We even choose our parents. I find the idea comforting, thinking that I chose my life as well as what I’m going through since I was born for the experiences and the lessons it brings, for how it makes my soul evolve and get more wise. When you look at it that way, you understand that the point of it all is simply to grow and to align yourself with who you really are, who you’ve always been. Anxiety comes when we are not aligned with our true self, the fearless peaceful eternal soul. Nothing is permanent, the good, the bad, nothing lasts. There’s absolutely nothing sent our way in this lifetime that we don’t have the strength to face and overcome. The sky is the limit. The point of hitting the bottom of the swimming pool and almost drown is to give a good kick to it, to get that impulse to swim your way back to the surface to breath that needed oxygen. It’s only when you’re about to drown that you realize that you don’t want to die and that you’re ready to do whatever it takes, fight your way to the surface and start appreciating being alive. It’s not over until it’s over ☺

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