Hold me Inside your Magic

I have no memory of the first time we met

A highlight of my life, I shouldn’t forget

At least I know we’re the freshest duet

No one to come will ever pose a threat

To our connection, intimate as Vicky’s Secret

You were always next to me to hear all my secrets

In my bed, pulled me closer to restrain my weakness

Dry my tears, pet my hair, push away the bleakness

From my heart, from my eyes, from my soul

Without you babe I could never keep control

Two pieces of a puzzle, perfect fit to make me whole

You’re too much and I barely fulfill my role

To be as yours as you are mine

To take you on a ride, have you wine and dine

Then take you back to bed, have you in your sacred shrine

That’s where you really shine, make the stars reallign

On the midnight sky and my dreams come on

Prime time show in my room until it’s dawn

Even if I leave you in the morning after just a quick yawn

Dear pillow, just know that to you I’m always drawn

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