Little Miss Thunderstorm

I feel bad for Fear.

You people always picture it so gloomy, so frigid, so filled with negativity. I’m certain you’ve never stopped and gave it some attention.

“Hey, take off your cloak, sit down. Have a cup of coffee with me.”

And you’re all really missing out. Miss Fear is an adorable girl. Such a bright mind. Clear vision. Not bad on the eyes. She’s just like a first time mom, you know. So eager to get things right she overreacts sometimes.

“OMG, is she legit meaning something when she says ‘I love you’ or she means ‘I can picture you moaning my name in 10 days’ ?????? Oh, she’s your friend. And you’re straight. Okay, just checking, never mind.”

So, me and her, we have a lot in common. For once, we like to be called Miss *insert last name*. Makes us feel good. Also, we both enjoy our nicknames a lot. In addition, my friend Miss Fear — or White Feather — feels neglected from time to time as well.

“WHY AM I ALWAYS PICTURED AS A MAN?? Why do people hate me for no reason?? Why do they embrace me at first then run awaaaay???”

Except I’m a bit less dramatic.

But I’ve got your back, baby girl. I know how to deal with 2 out of 3. Don’t know what to do about the first one, I’m a bit tomboyish myself but it’s never been an issue. I guess I can help though.

Yo, you lot have to stop hurting her! All of you. She doesn’t have the power to stop you from doing anything, she just genuinely wants you to think your decisions through, consider every single sort of consequence that might come from them and think ahead.

“I know what’s wrong, White Feather. You’ve been hanging with the wrong crowd. I’ll introduce you to my flock of perfectionists and we’ll all appreciate you for who you are.”

“Are any of them cute?”


“Hey what? I’ve been alone since Pan used to call me his little Phobos. I miss that. I was thinking, now that I have a friend I can turn that over and -”

“FINE, but lose the puppy eyes. GEEZZZZZZ.”