I’m (not) sorry

Forgive me, I don’t know where to start

It makes no sense why you chose to be apart

Let’s just hold hands and walk in silence

For now we should just be, avoid the violence

Your words they’d cut me in shreds

The hidden kindness would go over our heads

Forgive me, I don’t know how to continue

All my sense is locked away within you

And it overwhelms me, it makes me so small

But I know there’s still love underneath it all

Slaps that caress me and knvives that tickle

I confuse abuse and truce since you ‘re fickle

Forgive me I never know when to stop

I talk a lot and the speech is always a flop

You try to listen; I often lose you halfway

To your cold indifference I end up falling prey

I cry my anger yet I can’t break our bond

Even if I suffer, I want you in this life and beyond

Maybe you won’t forgive me now and we’ll stay mute

I can see however that you don’t want a substitute

I’ll lean onto your body and steal a nuzzle

And we’ll fit in that position: we solved the love puzzle

As long as we’re willing to forgive and forget

I’ll try my very best, Romeo, to be your Juliet