On Commitment

They vowed never to be apart. Exchanged promises and heartfelt pleas while their fingers and destinies got linked. Teary eyes and a calm breeze led them all the way into a lifetime commitment.

But it seems people just can’t admire the simple beauty of a raw gem.

‘Where is it?’

Both wore all white and were bare-feet. The wind played with her curls as the sun made his smile shine even harder. The waves took away her last fear and washed off their insecurities. He led her for a walk by the shore, the tingle of salt in their first kiss.

‘You just had to run away to do it, isn’t it?’

The wide windows were all open and so was the door that connected their room to their piece of the beach. So awed she was, she could swear it was the breath of wind that swept her of her feet. Yet deep down she knew not even the breeze could be as gentle as her husband. He gently cradled her to his chest and conveyed his love, his passion, his admiration and all his promises once more. They never made it to the bed.

‘And you just let him?’

The sun woke them up and the laziness kept them pinned down where they were. In less than a day they’d have to face much less gentle waves: the ones of criticism. Later that night, luggages all ready and a song in their lips, they realized they didn’t really care though.

‘Hey! I’ve been talking to you! Are you going to answer any of my questions?’

‘I’m happy. I’ll be happy. That’s all you need to know.’