Treasure Hunt

Oh damn, I’m through to voice mail, it’s the third time I call

You won’t read my text now, so I’ll send one bearing all

All the anxiety I’m going through, afraid I’ve hurt you

Damn it’s the third time I call, this is so out of the blue

Why would you shut me out, I’m eager to let you in

Why would you be so mad, I just want you to win

The marks of my hurt are painted all over my skin

Unreplied checkmarks scream I’ve committed some kind of sin

What the hell, it’s been hours, you’ve never done this before

I’m as helpless and restless as a prisioner of war

Can’t understand or apologize if you just disappear

What the actual hell, we need to set this record clear

When you calm down, I’ll be exactly where I was left

When you wake up, notice that of you I am bereft

Maybe I’ve tired you, perhaps you feel I’m a ball and chain

Because I’m told to check your number or try the call again

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