Demonetization & Detachment

Standing today, in the queue, to get my old notes(currency bills) of the shunned denomination deposited, I brushed myself with a delightful yet strong and evident fact; that nothing in fact in our lives was permanent! Neither the people, nor the time, not even the situational circumstances, and not even our beliefs.
Two days ago, the same currency notes or ‘black money’ which people had dearly kept close to themselves, and had built their homes and walls upon it, slept on it, or had it protected under locks & chains; now was being discarded, exchanged or distributed, and was a cause of worry. Everyone wanted to get rid of the same money that they had earlier plotted & schemed to earn & save!

Old timers!

This reality also brushed me with the fact that all things big or small, were subject to change, sudden or slow, and nothing was exempted from it. A small change was capable of changing lives, and every life changed was a big change itself.
People stood in lines, there were news of people burning the excess money to avoid troubles with the taxation departments, and many simply worried about losing the same money which was safely spending till this date (without any record). And I am really forced to question;

that can we risk attaching ourselves to any idea, belief, object, person, entity or mind-set?

As this attachment will lead to resistance upon change, resistance to the inevitable leads to delusion, and delusion sooner or later would lead to disappointment. I am so awestruck by the power & scope of ‘change’ in this changing and changeable life that I can’t get the concept of ‘moving on’ out from my system, so much so, that here I am writing something fresh out of my mind & life, when actually I had formatting, presenting and publishing the previous ‘work’ on my agenda.
Here I am trying to attach to ‘my’ work, when my ‘work’ itself is asking me to move on!