Summertime Sadness Part One: Where Are The Summer Songs?

There was a time a song would defined my entire season. Now there’s too many…

August has come to a close, September is here, and the first days of classes have begun. The blistering scorch of the sun and its 100+-degree weather is slowly simmering down for floating orange leaves and brisk winds. The summer is coming to an end and I’m upset; not because autumn is knocking on my door because I greatly welcome it. It is more along the lines of not being able to play my favorite summer song consistently this year.

You might wonder to yourself why I waited such a long time to talk about summer songs when the season is almost over.

“Chris, its September. Why are you talking about Summer so late?”

Because I can, and it puts to good use the amount of music I’ve listened to during the season. For the most part, excluding many of the West Coast releases that came too early or too late for the sun to shine, a lot of great projects miss the timing mark completely. I couldn’t really think of a summer song of this year that stood out for me. You can say Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” but that didn’t catch fire until late in August. Of course, there’s “No Flex Zone” and “Hot Nigga” too, but they’re not particularly blow-away for me.

So for the majority of the summer, I just thought of and played a few songs from years past that described the summer perfectly for me. In 2012, there was Dom Kennedy’s Yellow Album that made me a fan of his laid-back, simple delivery. It stays in my iPod for warm days and makes the cold winter months feel like it is 75 degrees. Then there is Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens, an album that introduced me to one of Los Angeles most herald lyricists and vibrant producers. “In Remembrance of Me” evokes good summertime memories to anyone that resonates with it.

Still, no other song makes me feel good automatically and sets my day right than Reflection Eternal’s “The Blast”. Ever since I first heard it in my youth at 10, it stuck with me. Maybe it was the smooth beat produced by Hi-Tek that glistens like the water shooting from fire hydrants on a hot summer’s day in Brooklyn. The vocals from Vinia Mojica shimmers with warmth throughout and for some reason, it remains as my favorite song of the summer. After all, it was released in July of 2000 and continues to bless my ears with a day of positivity.

I don’t know, but there’s not that many rap songs that I listen to now that give me the same feeling as “The Blast”, “Trap Star”, or even “The Light”. Maybe because so much come out at so little time nowadays and it gets difficult to digest, and the fact “Happy” has been out for close to two years now and I don’t count it as a summer jam.

So it leads me to this question, what is/was your favorite summer song?

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