This question has a short answer and a long one.

Let’s admit it. No matter what niche you pick, you’re going to end up having at least two competitors in your business territory. Its harder when they are more seasoned in the market.

So why should customers buy from you?

The short answer is…

A successful business is one that’s always built on offering quality and value to customers. If you’re able to deliver top-notch service to your customers, they will keep buying from you.

The long answer has pointers that are less discussed in the industry. …


The doorbell rings.

Polka walks down the stairs to get the door.

“Aunty! Uncle! What a surprise! Please come in.”

Polka invites her uncle and aunt in but wishes she didn’t have to. She isn’t very fond of her family. She hasn’t talked to her mother in 6 months. She skypes her brothers sometimes. Polka likes to keep away from the family.

So when Aunty and Uncle suddenly turn up at her doorstep, she is a little taken aback and curious.


None of them move. They are acting weird. They’re just staring down at Polka, emotionless.

“Why don’t you…


I was barely awake when the train pulled into a station. There was a heavy, dusty fog outside.

My coup was empty, which was strange because I remember watching an old lady put on her teeth from a box. I also recall a pot-bellied man belching loudly right next to me. The two giggly women that offered me an orange and a pack of biscuits were also missing.

I was awake.

The seats were empty and broken, luggage was strewn around like garbage and there was black dust all around.

I may have spotted a huge orange peel nearby but…


(This is an abridged, slightly modified version of — Betsy — a Reddit Original)

I had a difficult childhood. My mother was a raging alcoholic and my father had left my mother for a woman half her age.

I was six years old and my only friend was my doll — Betsy. I loved Betsy. I would just take her around the house, have little tea parties with her in my room and hold her while I slept.

My mother would have loud parties in the house. Strange men and women came over almost every night. I never liked the…


Hansel and I kept walking through the woods. It wasn’t too dense but we felt lost.

It wasn’t a virgin jungle. Thin trails made it look like a head full of parted hair.

Hansel marked the trees with the pieces of brick we found at the edge of the woods; where we entered. It had been an hour since we wandered but we never found a marked tree yet.

Our bottles were running out of water and our bodies of will. I didn’t think the forest was this big. It couldn’t be.

Hansel kept leading the way.

I didn’t talk…

Not the kind you’re thinking, you pervert!

It’s been exactly 6 hours since I got out of the salon after my first facial. I can still feel my pores screaming for help.

I swear! I was thinking up the lines of this post when the beautician was kneading away at my face. I may or may not be able to iterate my exact feelings in this post because my face has PTSD. Before the PTSD warriors come baring their teeth at me, please hear me out. 🙏

Disclaimer: This post has potentially disturbing content that could turn you against…

I woke up to a nice personal email by Ashish K Mishra from @TheKenWeb discussing this long weekend that’s upon us.

Here’s what it said:

Last night, someone asked me again, “what do you fear the most?”

“I’m scared of tsunamis,” I said.

“I’m scared of fish,” he said.

“A particular fish?” I asked.

“No, just fish,” he said.

Fingers running through lush hair,

Touch, taste that temptation

Firing up nerve endings, setting the heart ablaze

Momentary pleasure, memories aplenty

I recollect, sipping orange juice in rehab.

Kisses as deep as the universe

Swiveling in slow motion

Pupils changing color — black and brown, black and brown

Soot-stained souls merging into one another, the hot yellow energy emerging

I reminisce, sipping orange juice in rehab.

There came a truth worse than a lie

Blinded by honesty, judgment befriended naivety

Another person with drunken plight,

Call it a mistake and call it a night,

I dredge up, sipping orange juice…

Scrolling through my facebook feed, I stumbled upon this article on headlined:


Sounds likes every other clickbait article on the internet but what got me is this little summary posted with the link:

You will hold a lot of hands, you will stare into thousands of full and empty souls, you will make a lot of promises, you will do, you will regret and you will say one too many “I Love You’s”, all that, in the name of fear, fear from one’s self and what might…

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