UnicornGO! — Creating Brand Image

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Today we talk with Francis Lee of UnicornGO! Check out the podcast above!

On today’s podcast we are talking with Francis Lee from UnicornGo! One thing I’ve learned about myself through my startup career is that I don’t have any graphic design skill. In the beginning, it is one of those skills that I thought I could fake it until I made it; that was not the case. Design helps you differentiate your product and help it pop.

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Graphic design is kind of a funny topic. When it comes to design, you can get something for as low as $5 on Fiverr or spend thousands on an agency to help create your brand. There are pros and cons to each; get it cheap and results may vary, get consistent (and hopefully great) results and start to break the bank. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of talented people on sites like Fiverr and other job seeking sites that offer great results, but it may be tough to find them, and then they are just doing a job, they do not represent your brand.

Francis Lee is trying to change the way companies hire designers by offering an all you can eat package at a fixed rate. While this is a fantastic idea, how well can a company with a fixed model scale? We get into that and more on today’s podcast.

Company Facts

Founded: June 2016
 URL: https://www.unicorngo.com

Founder Info

 Francis Lee


Platform: Web
 Zoho mail


UnicornGo is looking to change how users interact with graphic designers. Instead of paying per design, UnicornGo is offering an unlimited design package for $399 a month. This includes unlimited revisions, designs, and more. The deal is fantastic for users and by utilizing the UnicornGo team, you will have people who are familiar with your brand and be able to create items that represent your company.

Imagine being able to have a team for $399 a month that you can just send work to and get consistent results. While it sounds great in practice, Francis and I got into discussions on how a model like that can scale. He went on to explain how the company has contractors that are available when there is an increase in work and how as the company continues to grow in size and customer base, new packages and products can be potentially released. You can listen to the podcast to hear more of the current status of UnicornGo as well as the future plans.

Is design that important to worry about all of this? This is a great debate that could be had; is your product good enough to stand out without looking good? If that is the case, then you don’t need to worry about design. As a blogger and podcaster, I do think that design needs to be great and needs to provide a clean “brand image” so that users can recognize you and want to come back.

This is a fascinating company with a great business model and as long as they can properly scale for volume, I believe there is an unlimited upside. Check out Unicorn go at http://www.unicorngo.com/.

As a special for DailySpin readers, you can get 50% off for a lifetime for early adopters until the 31st of August 2016. That is a team dedicated to building you unlimited graphic designs for $200 a month. This is a deal that cannot be beat. To claim this, you can contact Francis directly at francis@unicorngo.com.