The Journey Begins

Given that we’re about to start construction on the Raptor prototype I thought it might be fun to blog the process. So here we go.

A week ago the journey started in San Francisco. My first job was to get relocated to Atlanta where we will be setting up shop to construct the Raptor. Road trips are always fun for me. I left early on Saturday morning and headed south to Bakersfield and ended the day in Kingman, AZ.

Day 2, I found time to stop by Meteor Crater. Pretty amazing that a 160 foot long object created this much of an impact.

Crater selfie!

New Mexico was super green for being in the desert. No drought here.

Absolutely beautiful New Mexico landscape. Just wish I was flying over it instead.

So after 3 uneventful days of driving and a quick stop in Arkansas for a few days the next step was to pick up Jeff in Saint Louis so we could meet with Al who’s going to be doing a whole lot of CNC milling for us for the plugs (male molds for us to create actual molds) for the Raptor.

At his shop we discussed all the details of what we needed and took a quick look at the beast that will be working hard for us over the next months.

This thing is huge

Jeff and I then set off for Atlanta and arrived late last night. Right now I’m sitting in a Starbuck’s busy looking at industrial space listings on the web so I can be ready to look at some places tomorrow morning. With any luck we’ll have something sorted out this week. Stay tuned.

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